PFCLCookie Limited have many years of experience in providing database security audits for clients big and small all over the world. So when the new EU cookie law came about in the UK we decided we needed to audit all of our websites to first assess what cookies we set and also to assess our source code where necessary and also to then update our privacy policies to add cookies and to finally assess how we educate our users and provide consent for cookies.

How We Got Here!

This task actually took quite some efforts. The first stage was to audit what we have on our sites; we have many years experience auditing, assessing and writing reports so this came naturally. The task meant that we needed tools; after reading some of the earlier guidance around using things like firefox plugins or using websites that tell you to install a browser plugin where they would collect data on our websites and cookies we decided to create our own bespoke tools.

We successfully audited our sites and we are now offering professional, cost effective audits for owners of websites in the European Union and the UK in particular. We are now experts in doing audits and also in whats required for the cookie law.

We strongly recommend that you take action soon to ensure that you are compliant with this new law; it is not going to go away. The first step at least is to understand the problem and to audit your site for your current use of cookies. Then you can create a plan that achieves compliance without ruining your site for visitors.

How Limited Can Help You

We have put together a packaged service designed to help you become compliant with this new law. Our audit service can be done on large or small websites and the cost is set to suit the size of the site; we are competitive and work professionally. The audit includes:

  1. A detailed review of the website domain you supply to us
  2. We will identify all cookies that are set
  3. We will create a detailed audit report that shows what we did, how and what we found. We classify the cookies we have located and we supply you with simple recommended next steps – an action plan – of what you should do. The detailed audit report also shows that you are working towards compliance
  4. We will help you identify which cookies are legal and which are not
  5. We can create sections of text for you to paste into your cookie policy based on the audit results and recommendations or we can write the complete draft policy for you with input from yourselves
  6. We will supply you an itemised action plan to help you become compliant

The Price Of Our Service

Our Cookie audit service is offered at £165 + VAT for websites up to 50 pages in size. For bigger websites please contact us at for details and a price quote.

We can also help with consent solutions. Our preference is simplicity and we have experience with free consent solutions or can help with bespoke solutions. If you would also like us to help fix your website by adding and customising existing free solutions or by creating a bespoke solution for your site then please contact us at for a price quote.

Contact us at to ask for more details or to get a quote for your website cookie compliance audit.

We can help you save time and effort and cost by utilising our experience and skills in auditing websites for cookie compliance.